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And *POP!* goes the 3D videogaming bubble

Nintendo, a company which needs know introduction, has been on the frontlines of handheld gaming technology for the better part of two decades. The hugely succesful Nintendo 3DS systems have had a grasp on the mobile gaming market for some time. Initially, the product’s success was widely attributed to the fact that it brought 3D functionality to handheld system, but it turns out that may not be the case.

It seems as if the most recently released member of the family, the flat 2DS, is changing the way Nintendo is thinking. Its time to revaluate what 3D actually means for the gaming experience. The 2DS offers all the same hardware and compatability as the older models, except the 3D features have been removed… and it seems to still be selling rather well. This sends the message to Nintendo that maybe, 3D gaming was just too gimmicky and didn’t add very much to the experience of the user.

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