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Android’s KitKat could be taking on TV

The new Android OS called KitKat is rumored to be centered around not only improving the smartphone usability, but to also incorporate TV functionality.  It is not specific yet how Google will have Android incorporate TV into its new software but Google has tried a couple times before to take on the TV market. Google has teamed up with Samsung before for Google TV which ended up failing, they recently came out of Chromecast which is their response to Apple TV. Many companies like Apple and Google has been coming out with alternative to TV to make it more mobile and easier for consumers but no one has exactly ‘changed the game’ in the TV industry. Maybe with Google’s KitKat they will incorporate your DVR to be on your phone, use the phone as a remote, or make it easier to display content on both your phone and TV to see more information.  There are many possibilities with how Google will try to change the way consumers view TV again, hopefully this time it is effective and works.

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