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Another smartwatch released by Sony

Sony has released a new smartwatch that is compatible for Android devices called SmartWatch 2.  This watch is going head to head against the recent smartwatch released by Samsung.  The new watch has a lot of functions that help make Android devices more efficient.  To start the watch can help answer phone calls, adjust volume, remotely launch the camera on the phone, and can work with maps to give directions.  In addition, the watch is sweat and water resistant which makes it helpful for outdoor activities and with working out.  Over 300 apps are compatible with the app and can work on many different Android phones.  In comparison to the Samsung smartwatch, it only work with the Galaxy Note 3 and only has a battery of 25 hours, versus the SmartWatch 2 having a 2 or 3 times battery life.  This is an interesting new market that is being formed, at first it seemed that Samsung was the only one competing, but now Sony has make it loud and clear that they are direct competitors in the smartwatch market.

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