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“App Mention Alerts” Is A Google Alerts-Like Tool For Mobile App Developers

“App Mention Alerts” is a new tool developed to help mobile app developers keep track of press mentions & blogger reviews of their mobile applications. They can also keep track of the press/blogger reviews of competing apps at the same time to compare how their competitor’s apps are faring against their own.

“App Mention Alerts” is not a real-time tracker, so that means it isn’t going to be helpful for quickly seeing how well today’s press hit is doing, for example, or whether a positive or negative review of an app is having an immediate ripple effect.

“App Mention Alerts” is meant to be more of a research tool – something that could help a mobile app developer figure out who to reach out to for reviews.

The results/search index of the App Mention Alerts is currently updated on a weekly basis.

It is supposed to take the place of Google Alerts that mobile app developers currently use to keep track of press mentions, and blogger reviews of their mobile applications to gauge potential user feedback.

The developer of “App Mention Alerts” believes that some mobile app developers will switch over to to App Mention Alerts as it eliminates search results of websites that print press releases and App store descriptions. This means that more actual reviews of the mobile app will appear in the search results index instead.

This article shows how some mobile app developers are using various specialized software tools to keep track of the blogger & other online reviews & news dealing with their mobile applications. These mobile app developers are probably keeping track of various online reviews as they realize that sometimes certain online reviews or feedback or their mobile application can either attract more people into downloading & using their mobile app or keep people away from using their mobile application; depending on the feedback associated with their mobile application.

“App Mention Alerts” Is A Google Alerts-Like Tool For Mobile App Developers

By Matthew Salava

A senior Information Technology student at FSU. I will be graduating in Spring 2014.

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