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Apple Loses Some of its Magic Touch with iOS 7

Since iOS 7’s launch on Sept. 18,2013 , it has quickly become Apple’s most troubled mobile operating system update. Increasing is concern that  the technology giant has significantly lost some of its magic touch since co-founder Steve Jobs passed away two years ago.

Reasoning for this concern is the list of bugs and flaws: draining batteries, dropping Wi-Fi and spotty Bluetooth connections are just a few of the issues that are getting big boos across discussion boards at Apple’s own support communities.

Other issues range from  the functionality of some apps working poorly or slowly, to the new interface being harder to use, to Apple’s move to do away with skeuomorphism.

Apple’s iOS 7 mobile operating system iteration took a radical leap from iOS 6, which raises  the question if Jony Ive is the reasoning for its dramatic mobile makeover decision.

Despite iOS 7’s problems that causing harm, it’s not at the level of some of Windows OS downfalls, like Vista and Windows 8.

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