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Apps in the smart home: An entry point for carriers

Even though wireless service companies such as AT&T and Verizon lost in a battle with Google, Apple, and Microsoft for controlling smartphones and their applications, there is a new entry point in the near future that may allow carriers to take control back. That new entry point is “smart homes”. Smart homes are homes that can be controlled through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This article talks about how smart homes and things such as appliances within these homes can be controlled by mobile devices in the future. This provides carriers like AT&T a chance to develop systems that allow users to control and monitor their homes. AT&T is already ahead of other providers with the launch of their home security service called Digital Life. In the article, the author says “If AT&T and others can evangelize their systems as a centralized device interface independent of its own services but designed to integrate into it, this may not only emerge as a strong primary interface before the OS vendors jump in, but also entice consumers to adopt their hardware and service for monitoring and controlling their homes and cars.” Basically, he is saying that if carriers can provide services and hardware to users that allow them to control their homes and automobiles from their existing mobile devices, they have a huge opportunity to take control of the future market and up-and-coming smart homes.

Source: Apps in the smart home: An entry point for carriers

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