Auto-upload functionality in Flickr’s iOS App

Flickr has finally released an update that allows you to auto-upload your entire camera roll to their website. They are behind Facebook and Dropbox, but maybe not too far behind. Here are just a few pros and cons about this app and its update.


  • The photos go to a cloud storage locker in Flickr. This means every photo is private until you edit and make them public.
  • Every photo uploads in full resolution. It does not compress them like Facebook or Instagram does. That means you can pull the actual copy later on their website instead of a lower resolution one.
  • It has some neat editing tools like auto-straightening.


  • Uploading full resolution with an 8mp camera can take a lot of data. If you do not have an unlimited plan, you may have to limit what you share.
  • It does not have native iPad support.

Flickr’s iOS app finally does the uploading for you.

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