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Bitstrips become #1 Free App in all stores – Comic Social Media

Bitstrips is a new mobile application that connects with Facebook to give users the ability to create comics based on them and their friends.  It is very easy to use, and only requires some creativity.  It takes avatars and virtual personas to a new level, by creating one tile comics to show status updates and events that you would like to share with your friends.  You are able to add friends and their created avatars to your comics and even put word/thought bubbles that could include a quote or funny thought.  It is extremely easy to use, but according to some users the application has a habit of closing or crashing.  It is obvious there is a lot of potential in Bitstrips, but in order for it to work it will need to be reliable.  Another interesting aspect of this application is that it is free, and has no advertisement.  Yet it is growing at an extremely fast rate, and with an overall happiness and continued use of the application.  I can see this application becoming very popular because of the ability to create funny and more expressive status updates to Facebook, but it may be too much work for some that would rather post a sentence or two without having to create a whole comic.

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