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BlackBerry’s BBM App Gets 10M Downlaods in 24 Hours.

BlackBerry Messenger was recently released for iOS and Android and garnered 10 milliion downloads in 24 hours. Due to the demand, BlackBerry has asked users to wait to activate their service to avoid overwhelming the system. The app occupies the Apple’s top spot in the App Store free-app ranking system and has received over 60,000 five-star reviews. What is interesting is that the sheer number of downloads shows that the BlackBerry brand is not deceased yet and that there is a significant mobile social networking structure that may possibly be spun off into a new brand. Additionally, it is interesting to see how BlackBerry may decide to monetize this app as it is currently free. Of course, in the future, according to Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analysis, they may add advertising or a premium for-a-fee levels to the app. This is important because while BlackBerry may not return to become a dominant product and network company, they may still create lots of value with application and a more service based approach on the current two main platforms, iOs and Android.



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