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Could an Ignition-Activated “Car Mode” Keep Drivers From Texting?

Could an Ignition-Activated “Car Mode” Keep Drivers From Texting?.

New York designer, Joey Cofone, has thought up a unique solution to the growing problem of texting and driving. He proposes a “Car Mode” similar to the “Airplane Mode” we are already familiar with. While you are driving, Car Mode simplifies the iOS interface by getting rid of texts, notifications, noises and any other noises that may distract the driver. If the user gets a text, the phone automatically replies to tell the sender that the recipient is driving. While it is an innovative idea, it relies on the user’s willingness to activate the “Car Mode”. Joey Cofone’s suggests that Apple could partner with car insurance companies to encourage users to use the “Car Mode” in exchange for discounts on their car insurance. This application is not disruptive technology but it does has the potential to have a significant impact on society. Implication of a “Car Mode” could help to fight against the rising number of deaths and injuries that stem from distracted driving. It adds to the field of mobile tech development because it is an innovative idea to add a phone wide mode to the iPhone. Android does already have this feature so it is not a completely original idea but this could encourage other developers or Apple to work towards adding a similar feature to the iPhone. Finally, it does not have significant impact on the economic state of mobile technology or development.

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