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Dell PCs can now run Android

Dell announced today, on Wednesday that they are bringing a new line of laptops to the market that not only run Windows 8.1, but also Android.  This can arguably be one of the best partnerships of bringing the hybrid of PCs and mobile operating systems together. As PC sales are decreasing, and the world most widely used mobile operating system is increasing everyday this partnership is great for Dell because this gives them a competitive advantage 0ver many other their competitors.  Dell is making their products more portable and more widely used by adding Android.  It will be interesting to see how Dell fuses together Windows 8.1 with Android, if they will work simultaneously, if the computer has to be in tablet mode to run Android, or exactly how it works. I am not surprised though that this type of partnership is happening, even Apple has been making their Mac OS look more like the iOS with the use of apps. This is disruptive technology in a way because it shows that PCs are becoming more obsolete and they realize what more people are using so Hardware companies like Dell are trying what they can to make the Post-PC era that we are in now not happen as fast.

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