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FreeMyApps Works To More Engage Users

The competition to compete for a user’s attention is fierce and getting more difficult. Many will look and if they are not impressed, go back.  Of course, the majority way to attract users is through advertisements.  FreeMyApps is trying to change some of this.  The company states it is trying to help their app publishers achieve deeper levels of engagement from users.  Previously, this app rewarded users if they just downloaded the app.  Now it is going to require them to do more things.  They must do something in the app such as register, reach a certain game level, etc.

Now the question is, how deep in the app will one go for a reward?  There is a fine line between keeping the user engaged and completely frustrating someone leaving a bad impression on the app company.

Fiksu upgrades FreeMyApps to reward users for actions, not just downloads

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