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How is the iPhone 5c actually doing?

Recently in the news Apple’s iphone 5c has been reported as doing bad in sales because Apple has reduced the number of orders for the phone.

But the reports of the iPhone 5c being a “flop” or “failure” is not necessarily true because it is doing what is meant to do.  Apple has kept the same strategy of selling a high quality and lower quality iPhone for a while now.  Before they would just reduce the price of the previous iphone when they released a new one, this year they decided to get rid of the iPhone 5 and instead replace it with the iphone 5c with the iphone 5s being the higher end iphone on the market. The iphone 5c is cheaper to manufacture than the iphone 5 and if Apple had stuck with their original strategy of  making the previous iphone (iphone 5) $100 dollars cheaper they would be making less money. Also Apple did not plan on dominating the market with the 5c, they wanted to make it available for emerging markets, especially markets that are becoming more popular abroad in countries like China and Japan.

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