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How Japan’s “Line” became an unintentional gaming-platform giant

Japan’s mobile messaging platform called Line has become extremely popular with over 270 million users currently. This article talks about the application and how it has basically become a replacement for text messaging in Japan for its millions upon millions of users. Also, the article talks about mobile gaming and how Line has become the number 2 publisher of Google Play titles in the world in terms of monthly revenue. In the article is an interview with the CEO of Line where he provides insight into the application’s purpose and how it has become such a huge hit for mobile gaming. The CEO makes very interesting points about engaging users and keeping them interested in mobile games, which leads to money in the long-run. For example, when asked about pay-to-play games and how Line is monetizing their games he said “We’ve done data mining on our social games to figure out the kind of design that works. The important thing is where people tend to drop out when they play a game. If you allow users to drop before billing starts, you’re losing users. So what’s important is to make a process that’s so intriguing that users don’t drop out, even after they start paying.”

Source: How Japan’s Line became an unintentional gaming-platform giant

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