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How many users are actually using BBM?

Earlier this week on Monday, BlackBerry released their messaging system, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS to reach more users. In recent years BlackBerry has been losing to its competition, Android and iOS in sales and to still try and maintain some of their users who have switch devices they are expanding their only competitive advantage to all major platforms.  Within 24 hours over 10 million users downloaded the app which seems like a big number and a successful number, but that is only have of it, the other half is getting the users to make an account, and use the new app when they have plenty of other options already available to them that have been developed by Apple like iMessage.  Only about 5 million users have actually activated their account with BBM and to get the full features of the app you must activate the app.  Hopefully BBM will figure out a way to get more users to not only just download the app, but to actually start using it.

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