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iOS 7 adoption ‘much slower’ than iOS 6

Apple’s new operating system, iOS 7, reached an 18% adoption rate in its first 24 hours of launch and surpassing iOS 6 within a few days. According to Millennial Media, iOS 7 actually has a slower adoption rate than iOS 6. iOS 7 had a 185% daily growth rate but iOS 6 had a 264% daily growth rate. The speculated reasons for this could have been the size of the update or the fact that iOS 7 had a much bigger impact on how users used their devices has it gave the look and feel of iOS 7 a flatter appearance.


My take: There are more iPhones and iPads on the market than when iOS 6 came out. This could give the appearance that not as many people are taking to as quickly when really the numbers could be a lot closer. Since this source does not give graphs that are labeled they could be exaggerated a lot.


iOS 7 adoption ‘much slower’ than iOS 6, ad network says | VentureBeat.

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