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iOS 7’s software utilizes Multi-path TCP

There are numerous features packed into iOS 7 and most people assume them all to be listed by Apple in the release notes but one feature, Multi-path TCP, has made its way into iOS 7 without notation. Multi-path TCP enables a 3-way communication connection for mobile device users to be connected to wi-fi and cellular at the same time which is important because it allows data to be sent over the strongest available connection without the user having to choose the connection type. For instance, if your wi-fi drops during a data transmission on your mobile handset you would have to switch to cellular and resend the data request but multi-path TCP allows the connection to be maintained by automatically altering the transmission to the better network connection. Or if one of the connections hits slow down, multi-path TCP enables the device to automatically use the fastest available network. Multi-path TCP will be huge to the mobile device industry because it allows users to be connected to Wi-Fi and Cellular networks simultaneously. Apple’s release of iOS 7 marked to first mass ability of users to utilize multi-path technology but to an extent, it appears that not all apps can make use of this capability yet, only Siri seems to take advantage of this ability.

Sources: Quartz & Oliver Bonaventure

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