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iPhone 5S motion sensor malfunction may be widespread- According to CNET

Another recent software/hardware problem affecting the iPhone 5S has been recently discovered by Gizmodo.

This problem is associated with the various motion sensors inside the 5S , including the gyroscope, accelerometer, and inclinometer.

Gizmodo & other iPhone 5S users discovered large differences in data readouts from the motion sensors inside iPhone 5S models compared to readouts from motion sensors inside iPhone 5 models.

The effects from the data errors in the 5S’s motion sensors were easily seen in the Apple compass app as there were 8 to 10 degrees in discrepancies between the compass direction being shown on the 5S versus the 5.

Some game applications that use the accelerometer and other motion sensors in the 5S for gameplay by tiliting the iPhone’s screen were also being affected by these motion sensor data errors.

For example, Gizmodo found that by starting a match in EA’s Real Racing 3 on a level plane and without any exterior movements, the iPhone 5S’ accelerometer immediately registered a leftward tilt and veered the car in that direction.

At this time, it is unknown if this motion sensor issue is from a problem with the 5S’s software or if it is a hardware issue. Some 5S users believe that the issue is hardware based as both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 run on iOS 7 and users who have obtained replacement 5S phones reported having the same data errors with their motion sensors.

This data error problem involving the 5S’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass is important to mention as it poses to be a problem for Apple’s M7 motion processor as it measures & uses data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass, meaning it won’t exactly work as advertised given those different parts’ massive readout errors.

The M7 motion processor was touted as Apple’s answer to activity-tracking apps that require a more powerful data-collector to function correctly.

Although this is another technical problem with the 5S that Apple has to deal with now, it will most likely continue to enjoy strong sales of the 5S as most of the user reviews have been favorable overall towards the 5S in-spite of the various technical bugs currently faced by the 5S.

If this motion sensor data error problem is hardware-based this will be bad news for Apple since they will have to provide a more elaborate method of fixing that problem for all of the current 5S owners as well as modify the hardware on newly released 5S’s to keep the motion sensor data errors from appearing on future iPhone 5S models.

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