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LinkedIn’s New Mobile App Called ‘a Dream for Attackers’

Linked In’s new mobile app, Intro, faces a bunch of security concerns. Intro is an e-mail plug-in for iOS users that pulls LinkedIn profile information into e-mails so that the sender’s job title appears front-and-center in e-mails on a user’s iPhone or iPad. Security researchers are calling LinkedIn’s new mobile app, Intro, a dream come true for hackers or intelligence agencies. Security researchers are worried about the way the app works; Intro redirects to a so-called man-in-the-middle, where hackers or more recently intelligence agencies, are liable to intercept Internet traffic en route to its destination and do what they will with it.

Read more about LinkedIn”s New Mobile App: A Dream for Attackers in The New York Times, and get an understanding of the consequences users may be facing if they opt to use the new app.

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