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Lockbox secures mobile files by providing file encryption on the platform

“We recognized that the cloud was coming, so while everybody was focused on getting as many people as possible on the cloud, security and privacy really took a backseat. We recognized that people were giving up their privacy in their rush to get on the cloud, and we saw an opportunity to make things more secure.”

-Peter Long, CEO of Lockbox

Instead of putting all of the security and privacy in the data center, with Lockbox, the app enables users to encrypt the data before it leaves their computer or smartphone, and the encryption is done with keys that only the user has, not Lockbox.

Since data is encrypted  by the users, and since Lockbox doesn’t have the key for the encryption, it would be impossible for anyone other than the user to read (unless the user gives out the key).

This gives the everyday user the ultimate combination of both sharing and privacy.


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