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Mobile platforms are up, so that means advertising will follow.

With mobile technology where it is today, it is only fitting that every business with any aspiration of being relevant wants to advertise. It is only fitting that someone trying to make money would want to advertise were potential consumers are looking the most, and where would that be? I do not have statistics on it but mobile phones are certainly a contender for this title. Phones do it all now so users are looking through apps all day long.

The real question then is, “Is it worth it to advertise on mobile devices”?

This website does not believe so, and they feel they have the study to prove it. They do grant some potential to improve the process and once that is done it could be a viable source but until then, no it is not worth it.


Read the article through the link below to see the numbers, the logic, and the predictions:


Christopher Beatty

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