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Motorola announces Project Ara, an open hardware platform with modular components ala Phonebloks

Motorola announces Project Ara, an open hardware platform with modular components ala Phonebloks.

A few weeks ago, a project called Phonebloks went viral and caught the attention of the tech and mobile industry. Phonebloks was different than a traditional smartphone because of its modular design, allowing 3rd party developers to create pieces or parts of the phone and users can pick and choose the individual components that go into their smartphone. While this may sound like a pipe dream, Motorola is set on bringing this open based modular smartphone to life, through a platform called Project Ara. Each device will come with an exoskeleton to hold the various phone components together, outside of that the possibilities are only limited by the number of components you can fit onto the exoskeleton and the creativity of 3rd party developers. The most amazing part of this announcement is that Motorola has been working on this idea for over a year and now that Motorola has teamed up with the creator of Phonebloks the idea will continue to grow and progress. Project Ara has the potential to be disruptive technology and could grow to replace the smartphones we know and love today. The ability for users to personalize and customize their phone to tailor it to their own needs is something that other companies like Android and Apple have not offered and therefore Project Ara has been able to differentiate themselves from the cluttered smartphone market. It adds to the field of mobile development because it is an entirely new way to think about smartphones. With an Apple iPhone, you as a consumer are not supposed to open it up and tinker with it and find out how it works, Apple wants you to just use the device as is. With Project Ara, it encourages the user to learn about their phone, how it works and what all the individual components do. It educates the user on their device and makes them more knowledgable about the technology they use. In addition to this, it changes the field of mobile tech development because when a new technology or component is created, users are not forced to buy an entirely new phone just to get it, with Project Ara they could simply purchase that new component and install it in their existing device. Finally, Project Ara has the potential to change the state of mobile technology in the future because users will be drawn to the longevity and ability to customize that Project Ara offers, taking away profits from other mobile companies. In addition, if Project Ara takes hold in the market, users will be less inclined to throw away their device for an entirely new one and will be encouraged to simply buy new components for their device to keep it up to par with the current standard in mobile technology.

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