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New app aims to improve landlord-tenant relationship –

In Chicago, renters often seek help from the Metropolitan Tenants Organization when they have problems with a landlord. This Chicago nonprofit is now taking a technological approach to help improve the landlord-tenant relationship, by using Squared Away Chicago, a Web-based mobile phone app that the organization is preparing to launch, designed to help renters and landlords stay in touch, document problems within apartments and create a virtual paper trail if a complaint goes unresolved and an outside party needs to step in to resolve the dispute.

This tool would not only be benefit for consumers and the landlords, but it will as be safe haven for the organization as well. With an organization consisting of approximately two dozen employees, receiving incoming calls to their call center handling more than 10,000 phone calls and helping 15,000 renters annually, the organization looks to the app as a means of easily documenting problems that renters are experiencing, even before they become heavily problematic.

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