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New report: what city-dwellers want from their mobile devices

Around 7,500 people from various major world cities were polled by Ericsson for a new report on their mobile device desires and needs. Here are some common topics that were mentioned:

  • Traffic – Almost half of those surveyed want an improved personal navigator/GPS for both inside and outside navigation.
  • Childcare – ICT-enabled child-care services are desired/predicted in the future.
  • Communication – People mentioned  a need for improved mobile communication with authority (such as contacting police).
  • Food – A desire for restaurant ingredient-checkers was frequently mentioned and expected in the near future.

Mobile technology is inevitably booming, and smartphone users are clearly embracing any and all innovations in the field. It is important to understand that people are ready for change and welcoming of any improvements that mobile technology can help bring to their lives.

Here is the press release from Ericsson –

And the report in its entirety –

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