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Nexus 4 With LTE Stopped by Bluetooth SIG Yesterday?

A week or so ago, a rumor surfaced suggesting that Google may introduce a Nexus 4 with LTE alongside theNexus 5. As you are all well aware, the Nexus 4 originally launched last year without LTE, something many couldn’t give Google a pass for. In a day filled with nothing but LTE, the lack of it in Google’s flagship smartphone was inexcusable. But what if they were to re-introduce the phone again this year, only this time with LTE on board? According to a Bluetooth SIG filing that dropped yesterday, there may be a chance of that happening.

I think the big question is why bring the Nexus 4 back if you have a Nexus 5 ready to pounce? Well, Google did drop the price of the HSPA+ Nexus 4 to $199 and $249 not long ago, so maybe they are simply trying to offer phones at multiple price points to attract even more buyers. We have no indication of this LTE model selling for that $199 price, but wouldn’t that make quite the splash? Google could then sell phones at $199, $249, $349 (Nexus 5 price), and then whatever the 32GB Nexus 5 drops in at – maybe $399. Or maybe it’ll go $249, $299, $349, and $399, since LTE modems would raise the cost of the Nexus 4. Still, not bad.

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