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NYCC Hijacks Attendees’ Accounts to Spam Social Media

NYCC Hijacks Attendees’ Accounts to Spam Social Media.

Earlier this month, New York played host to New York Comic Con and Twitter was flooded by tweets from Comic Con attendees, as they raved about how much there was to see and do. The problem is, the people at Comic Con weren’t the ones tweeting; it was NYCC organizer, ReedPop. During registration, NYCC attendees were given the option of connecting their social media profiles to their RFID-enabled badges. They were told that it would make the “NYCC experience… 100x cooler! For realz.” In reality, when the convention attendees arrived, a tweet was sent out when their RFID badge sensed that it entered the convention center. Met by a wave of negative feedback, Comic Con quickly turned off the opt-in feature and issued an apology for being “too enthusiastic in [their] messaging and eagerness to spread the good word about NYCC.” This demonstrates a misuse of social media and abuse of trust between NYCC and their attendees. While it may have stated that NYCC would post on your behalf, with the level of negative feedback there was, it is doubtful that many were fully informed about the consequences of their action. This does not represent disruptive technology because it does not displace an existing technology, but it certainly was a disruptive use of technology for those who had tweets posted on their behalf. This does not add to the field of mobile tech development but it raises awareness about how mobile technology like RFIDs can be used. Finally, this event did not have a significant impact on the economic state of mobile technology or development.

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