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PlayHaven reaches 10,000 supported developers across its engagement toolset

PlayHaven’s business engine for mobile games now serves more than 10,000 developers and 20,000 games.

Their platform now reaches more than 800 million unique users, a 175 percent increase year over year and a 44 percent increase since Q2 2013. The company has access to 176 million monthly active users across all of its supported apps, as developers use PlayHaven’s services to create targeted messaging (among other tools) and increase engagement within their applications.

The company released its PushNotifications platform in July, helping developers boost revenue and customer loyalty by offering push notifications targeted to specific segments of users, based on location, language, game version and other factors. These Push Notifications can advertise in-game sales, as well as simply drawing user attention back to a game they may have previously left behind.

PlayHaven claims to have many success stories already under their belt, as their marketing campaigns have seen increases in revenue of up to 30% for developers using their services.

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