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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches have embarrassing 30% return rate | VentureBeat

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches have embarrassing 30% return rate | VentureBeat.

In September, Samsung announced their smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear positioned itself as “the next big thing” as it is one of the first smart watches on the market and analysts and consumers both anticipated the release, waiting to see if Samsung’s foray into wearable technology would be a hit. However, it appears that the public has been less than satisfied with Samsung’s latest product. A document leaked to reported that the Galaxy Gear has a return rate of about 30% at Best Buy locations. The team of reviewers at Venture Beat might not have been surprised by these results as their experiences with the Gear could be described as “clumsy, unfashionable and relentlessly inessential.” The reason for the lack of the Gear’s success could be its pricey $300 price tag or the user experience but Samsung is asking the Best Buy employees for input to try find the cause of this high return rate. The Galaxy Gear is not an example of disruptive technology, while it attempted to break into a fairly untapped market, their attempt could not be categorized as successful thus far. However, the Galaxy Gear still adds to the field of mobile tech development because it provides an case study for other developers to analyze what consumers liked and disliked about the Galaxy Gear. This gives them valuable information about the market and could contribute to future developments related to smart watches or wearable technology. Finally, the high returns of the Galaxy Gear effects Samsung in an economic way, but does not have a significant impact on the market as a whole.

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