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Samsung Galaxy S5 Earlier Release

Although Samsung had a record breaking third-quarter earnings of about $9.2 billion, their projected sales for the Galaxy S4 wasn’t nearly as close to what the actual sales were. In lieu of this miscalculation, a South Korean news site, Naver, has reported that Samsung is looking to introduce the Galaxy S5 in January, rather than February. I’m not sure if releasing another phone this soon is such a good idea but on the plus side, the new S5 is planning to have a 64-bit processing chip (like the iPhone 5s) and a 16 megapixel camera (their best camera on a phone to date) with optical image stabilization to allow for clearer photos. Maybe that will incline more users to purchase the phone but they have yet to release a price yet so that will definitely be a key factor in the number of sale responses they receive.


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