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Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers

The market of targeted advertising based on information gathered by companies that track mobile phone user activity is expanding. A new way of tracking user information and connecting user activity on multiple devices owned by one specific user has grabbed the attention of companies such as Ford Motor, American Express, Fidelity, Expedia, Quiznos and Groupon. These companies will certainly not be the last to take advantage of the new user tacking methods being developed by advertising services. Recently, these services have developed a way to track your activity on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop to come up with a large data set based specifically on one user – you. Based on your searches, use of apps, etc., they can send “hypertargeted ads” to your devices that are exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you’ve been searching for hotels in Hawaii for a family vacation, these services will know that. From there, they will send advertisements for things such as airlines offering flights for a certain price to Hawaii, rental car company advertisements, etc. What does this mean for mobile phone users? More advertisements and less privacy when it comes to using the internet and applications on your devices. Privacy is a huge deal for a lot of users and large companies are paying tons of money for advertising services to impede even more on user privacy as time goes by.

Source: Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers

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