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Stephen Elop says he’s ready for change at Microsoft

All eyes are on Stephen Elop. Just hours ago, he introduced Nokia’s first Windows tablet; he’s also overseeing his division’s integration into Microsoft; and Redmond is even considering him as its next CEO. During our interview today, Elop understandably couldn’t comment on the prospect of taking Steve Ballmer’s place, but he did say he’s ready to take up the challenge of bringing the two giants together, no matter what.  In the case of Nokia’s tablet, Elop believes it will appeal to an audience that both overlaps Microsoft’s and complements it. He emphasized that Nokia took a slightly different approach, focusing on mobility with the integrated LTE modem and outdoor-friendly display on the Lumia 2520. For the same reason, Nokia went with the more efficient, yet much-ridiculed, Windows RT over Windows 8.


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