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SumAll app gives users the ability to analyze 30+ Data Sources

The new SumAll mobile application shows all the marketing data available all onto one screen.  This application is available on both iOS and Android, and has been an analytic solutions provider on the web.  The application is able to show over 30 social actions on one screen, and uses a chart to display the information.  Some of these social sources are Amazon, Ebay, and Paypal, all of which you are able to track money spent, page visits, and followers.  The application has seen a huge amount of growth in the month or so it has been available, and tracks over $4 Billion in commerce data.

This application is growing very quickly, and covers a multitude of interests.  I think the reason for such fast growth is the convenience it gives professionals who need to keep track of several social sources.  Being able to view different sources of data and compare them simultaneously is invaluable to a professional, as it saves time and helps them make decisions.

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