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T-Mobile US Tries to Lure iPad Air Tablet Customers With Some Free Cellular Data

T-Mobile announced on Wednesday that when customers buy a tablet compatible with its cellular network, they will get 200 MB’s (megabytes) of free cellular data a month with that tablet. 200 megabytes is about enough data to post 800 Instagram photos or 2,500 e-mails. Customers can buy extra cellular data if they want more.

This announcement from T-Mobile represents another way that T-Mobile wants to change the wireless mobile business.

T-Mobile wants more people to use cellular networks for their tablet data compared to the current majority of people using Wi-fi only tablets due to lower usage costs compared to using cellular networks for their tablet data.

As mentioned in the article, “only 5 percent of tablets sold include a cellular connection, according to Craig Moffett, an independent telecommunications analyst”.

Also on Wednesday, T-Mobile said customers could get Apple’s new iPads with no down payment and instead pay for the device monthly over two years. The cheapest iPad Air with a cellular connection, for example, would cost $26.25 a month for 24 months, totaling $630.

A problem with T-Mobile’s new tablet cellular data offering according to Jan Dawson, is that people have to pay extra just to get a tablet with a cellular connection — for iPads, that’s an extra $130.

“Using 200 MB a month probably isn’t enough usage to justify that extra $130 upfront,” he said. “Because people mostly use devices while commuting and at home, most people just don’t see the need.”

In the end, he said, T-Mobile’s tablet plan is mostly relevant to business users.

This article shows another way that T-Mobile is trying to encourage people to buy new iPad Air’s by providing them with a monthly payment plan instead of an expensive down payment and by also providing some free cellular data for people to use with those iPad Air’s.

Perhaps if T-Mobile compensated for the extra charge involved in obtaining a cellular-data compatible iPad by providing more free cellular data to its tablet customers, this would make its new tablet cellular data plan more attractive to potential customers.

The extra cost involved in obtaining an iPad with a cellular connection may very well deter people from the new T-Mobile tablet cellular data plan. Although business users may still find the new plan useful.

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By Matthew Salava

A senior Information Technology student at FSU. I will be graduating in Spring 2014.

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