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The robot will see you now: Next IT launches virtual personal assistant for healthcare | VentureBeat

The robot will see you now: Next IT launches virtual personal assistant for healthcare | VentureBeat.

Next IT have unveiled Alme for Healthcare, which is “a virtual health assistant that understands medical language and can have conversations with patients.” This incredible development will benefit both caregivers and patients alike, allowing more patients to receive care and assisting in reviling the workload on the limited number of physicians available. Alme is a powerful service and gives the patient the ability to answer insurance questions, find doctors, send reminds share lab results and much more, all through the convenience of a mobile device. The relationship between medical care and technology is only expected to grow, as “80 percent of doctors believe that by 2018, virtual assitents powered by clinical language understanding will dramatically change how physicians interact and use electronic health records.” This is an example of disruptive technology, as technology like Alme are changing the way we interact with each other and the way we interact with technology. The increased use of technology in healthcare is disruptive as a whole because it is changing, and in some ways replacing, health care related jobs and industries. This adds to the field of mobile technology because the ability for technology to interact and understand a user can be applied to a wide range of industries. Applying this technology in other fields and situations can push the field of mobile development further towards a world where tasks and services are automated by technology.

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