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This app will help you find open parking spots

In the city, getting somewhere is only half the battle — and sometimes much less than that. Finding a parking spot can be an even bigger time-waster.

Not any more, if Israel-based Anagog has its way.

Israel, of course, is one story. The company has about 100,000 users there, in a country of about eight million people. Getting good enough data for San Francisco, New York, London, or other global cities is an entirely other matter, with 400,000 Anagog users spread over the rest of the world.

Still, partnership like that with EasyPark will help — Parx currently works in 130 cities. But more partners will be needed.

“Anagog’s technology is a ready-made, global solution for navigation systems, cellular operators, map providers, car manufacturers, and municipalities, who are constantly working to provide tailored, real- time information to their audience,” says Yaron Aizenbud, Co- CEO of Anagog.

Anagog is currently raising a funding round.

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