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Tiggly making apps to help toddlers develop skills

Motor skills are extremely important for toddlers to learn. Since parents give their children mobile devices to distract them, Tiggly saw this a chance to help kids develop those skills. Tiggly is an iPad app that comes with a set of four shapes for toddlers that have sensors on them to replicate the human touch, as well as Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp and Tiffly Draw, which gives the shapes and the toddlers other functions and goals.  The games are made to increase creativity, spatial thinking, language and motor skills. This is a great opportunity for children to take advantage of the technology we have available to us. Tiggly is extremely innovative because it enhances the learning process. As Chief Learning Officer of the company, Azi Jamalian, said, “kids can just play with blocks, but the blocks don’t play with the kids”. Tiggly is more interactive and will help increase learning. Tiggly was released on for $29.99, and plans to introduce four more games by Christmas.


Tiggly is making sure our tech-savvy toddlers develop basic motor skills (exclusive)

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