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Want to save photos from Snapchat, welcome SnapHack

Snapchat is relatively new app that allows for users to communicate with each other through sending picture and videos to each other.  What makes Snapchat unique to just texting pictures and videos, is that after a user sends a photo or video to the receiver and they open it, the media is deleted forever.  Now on the iPhone, it is easy to take a screenshot by clicking on the sleep/wake button and the home button, but if the receiver does take a screenshot it will notify the sender that they saved the photo.

Now there is an app called SnapHack that allows for receivers of a snapchat to easily and discreetly save the photos and videos.  How the app works is if you receive a Snapchat, before you open it in the Snapchat app, open it in SnapHack and you can view the media and save it without ever opening up the Snapchat message. The biggest downfall of the app is whenever you open up Snaphack, it automatically signs you out of your Snapchat app. This is very inconvenient for users because Snapchat is suppose to be easy and effortless to communicate with your friends.

I find this app to be very interesting because just like the saying says, “there is an app for that”.  This defeats the purpose of Snapchat and is now just like text messaging now. Before Snaphack, I had basically two options when I wanted to send a photo to a friend, either text message or Snapchat. Text messages lets you save the save the photo and snapchat does not, and now with Snaphack it lets you save the photos from Snapchat, but it takes more steps and it makes Snapchat less convenient which makes users want to just text again.,0,7662933.story?track=rss

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