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Who Advertises on Facebook’s Mobile App?…Other Apps

Over 145 million apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play through the outlet of Facebook’s mobile app. And about 41% of Facebook’s advertising revenue came from their mobile app with having its users buy apps that are sponsored on the Facebook app.  But Facebook is now taking it one step further, rather than just having users download apps from the Facebook advertisements in the Facebook, they want to track if the Facebook user to see if they have already downloaded the app and if they have the advertisement on the Facebook mobile app with me more specific to in-app purchases.  If the Facebook user clicked on the ad on Facebook then it would take the mobile user to a specific place inside the new app to make an in-app purchase.  This is genius of Facebook to do because once you download an app, there is not much a reason to keep advertising to the same people to download the app again when they already have, then they are just wasting money. By making it more specific to each Facebook user, companies can make more specific advertisements  to users to make in-app purchases which is how many app developers are making money after the user has downloaded their app.

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