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Why have normal smartphone notifications when you can use the smell of bacon?

Scentee wants to expand your smartphone horizons and add smell to the senses your phone already stimulates. The plug-in accessory attaches to headphone socket on both iPhones and Android smartphones and, when told to by the companion app, releases a burst of fragrance, paired with a customizable LED light. It’s ridiculous, but that’s very much part of the Japan-made accessory’s charm. The most important factor here is arguably the range of scents available, and Scentee hasn’t held back. In no particular order, aromas include rose, mint, cinnamon roll, bacon, coffee, curry, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lavender, apple, coconut, strawberry and er, corn soup. They’re joined by a special limited edition Korean BBQ collection that’ll be available on November 15 and includes three extra ‘flavors’: two different type of meat and, well, baked potato. This bundle’s particularly skewed towards Japanese customers, although we’re already infatuated with the idea of on-demand bacon smells. We’ve sniffed our way through several options during our time with the accessory — the video (and more details) are right after the break.

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