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Adobe and App Development

Adobe has a long history of being involved with the development and advancement of the Web, and has led the vision of a more creative online design surface with breakthrough interactivity. With scalable vector graphics (SVG), Adobe initiated creative vector graphics for the web that are now critical in a world of high resolution mobile devices and the applications that have become so popular on them.

Today’s world is different than it was even a few years ago. Adobe addresses this with focused, task-oriented tools and a lean development process to validate and iterate on the tools to incorporate feedback quickly.

But how do Adobe make that possible? Because of the ever-changing landscape in Web standards, app and gaming development, Adobe released experimental tools and prototypes quickly on what they call Adobe Labs. And since that process of agile, iterative development worked so well, Adobe made it a fundamental aspect of our Creative Cloud offering – rapid fixes and improvements based on real user feedback and reports.

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