Android iPad iPhone mobile news Launches Broadcasts, Push-Based Custom Newsletters Engineered For Mobile Broadcasts, a tool that brings the concept of direct, occasional messages to an interested group to a mobile-native environment. Broadcasts works by essentially offering the one thing most publisher, blog and artist mobile apps do well: push notifications direct to fans. Many apps that fall into this category seem hastily put together and poorly maintained, and Caldwell thinks that’s because they really only need to serve one purpose, which is to offer up direct info to users about content related to the person putting out the app. “If really the reason you have an app is just to do push, I think that this really gives you the benefits of that, for free,” Caldwell explained in an interview. “Also, I think from a consumer perspective, having a ton of apps, say one for every tech publication or one for every band that you like is kind of goofy, and everyone already knows that. Perhaps having a lower friction way for people to subscribe to different kinds of broadcast channels will actually increase the number of people that are interested in these push notifications.” I think that this is an ingenious idea, getting the news you actually want from an application rather than mindless drivel.


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