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Apple Will Start Repairing Devices In-House

Apple appears to be expanding their new in-store repair programs. While Apple has previously performed some repairs in their stores, the new program will expand to a large variety of components. Apple has started shipping parts, manuals, and callibration machines to stores in preparation for the program’s launch. This new repair program will be good for consumers as it allows them to easily have phones repaired by Apple technicians and will build customer satisfaction. The large cottage industry of shops that repair Apple devices may be affected, as Apple may threaten these shops, but may not have any affect at all, due to the limited number of Apple Stores in the U.S. Additionally, these shops can offer services that Apple may not, such as repairing water damage.

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This is interesting to nte because this marks the first time Apple has truly dove into the in store repair services. What remains to be seen is if this new found focus on repairing devices will spill over onto Apple’s designs. Apple devices are a very difficult to repair and work on, and if there’s a large amount of consumers repairing devices, they may design devices to become more repairable. The other interesting idea would be to see how this influences consumers. Will consumers simply keep repairing a device and keep it longer then they traditionally would, or will they continue replacing with new devices every few years? It will be interesting to see how this possibly effects consumer behaviors.

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