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Biohacker Implants Smartphone-Sized Sensor Into His Arm

BioHacker Tim Cannon implants an health monitor device in his own body. Could this be the first step toward this type of augmentative technology. The article talks about how future versions may be able to take health data collected over a stressful day and relay it to your car or home and modify those environments to accommodate your mood. Or say if your body temperature is steadily going up the chip may text you warning of a fever and seek out data to explain why this fever might be happening. Least of all this is a brazen step toward a seemingly only envisioned future of cyborg beings, men medically enhanced by machine. Alas in its current state there is still work to be done, as the procedure is not technically sanctioned and seems rather crude. However reportedly, newer implant models are being developed to be smaller and cover a wider range of health monitoring features. It be interesting to see if something like technology implants could become marketable and commercialized for the masses, for now Tim Cannon may be the worlds first cyborg.

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