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Chirp: The Chip That Could Make Wearable Tech a Whole Lot Easier to Use

Thanks to researchers at the University of California, good news appears to be on the way. And it could revolutionize the way we interact not just with smartwatches but with all wearable tech.  The researcher’s tiny technology, called Chirp, comprises an ultrasound chip and an electronics chip (right) that work together to interpret gestures in three dimensions, or in other words, in the air.  The system uses small acoustic resonators, or ultrasound transducers, that send out ultrasonic pulses. These echo off anything within a meter of the device, such as your hand, with the technology able to interpret various gestures and convert them into actions on the gadget. Chirp, which has been developed by UC Berkeley graduate student Richard Przybyla, consumes power at a very low rate, and being ultrasound-based can function not just in light conditions but also in complete darkness.

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