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Crop of High-Tech Farmers Sows Results with Apps

This article talks about farmers using technology to efficiently manage and harvest their crops year after year. The technology provides farmers with information they can use to determine the best farming methods, right times of the year, and other factors that play an important role in successfully producing crop. Recently, an agronomist from the University of Vermont Extension developed an application that digitizes information that used to be kept in notebooks and stores it in the “cloud”, where it can be shared with fellow farmers and can’t blow out of a pickup or tractor and get lost. Application development is all about making processes simpler and cutting out unnecessary steps in performing a task and that is exactly what this app does for farmers that openly embrace new technology. To read more about this specific application and the uses of technology for agriculture in general, be sure to read the full article.

Source: Crop of High-Tech Farmers Sows Results with Apps

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