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ESPN releases new Sportscenter Mobile Application

ESPN has launched a new SportsCenter Mobile application that provides users with news, highlights, in-depth analysis, and everything else that usually comes from websites and/or television.  It is a very complete application that brings sports news to users via mobile devices, and even allows the user to customize the news they see.  With this application, you are able to pick the leagues and teams that interest you most, and make following specific news more easily.  This means less time sifting through random articles that are not as interesting to the user, but still gives the user up to date information on the broader view of sports.  This is possible due to the different tabs, such as watching live sports or just a scoreboard of all sports currently being played.

What makes this article interesting, is that ESPN’s SportsCenter application was not the first to the market, nor can it be said the best and most innovative application as well.  ESPN is purely dominating the category of sports news applications due to their brand name.  Their popularity in TV and Web news, has translated to Mobile Applications where they are the leading provider for sports news.  Hence, we can say that mobile applications are part of a bigger scheme of marketing and popularity outside of mobile devices, when it comes to user downloads.

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