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First Google Glass related ticket written in California, of all places.

California is famous for being one of the first states to enact any sort of device-usage while driving laws. It seems they are making headlines once again with the first Glass related ticket. While the perpetrator, Cecilia Abadie, had been pulled over for speeding, the officer continued to write her a second ticket for viewing a “monitor visible to the Driver (Google Glass)”. This raises a few questions and will stir up a bit more controversy than the officer was expecting. This sort of conflict was inevitable, but it also indicates how slow our legal system is in comparison to the rapid pace of technological advancement. While the laws allows a provision for GPS enabled devices (which the Glass is) there are a plethora of other things the Glass does which may distract a driver.

Google clearly has an extremely vested interest in the case which will arise from this simple speeding ticket.

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