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Google Wallet just got a little more practical

Google wallet has been around for a while now, but it has not been very successful with having many users.  Today Google announced a Wallet Card that is a physical card for users to use in conjunction with Google Wallet.  How the card works is you have to put money on it before hand, so it serves as a prepaid card.  You swipe it just like you would any other credit or debit card after you first activate it online.  Google already has an android and ios app for Google Wallet where people can make it easier to put other 3rd party companies promos on it for free stuff and such.  The Wallet Card is in direct competition with the new Coin Card that can hold up to 8 credit cards at once.  This Wallet Card does not seem to be too practical because there already are prepaid debit cards out there.  I think that this is cool technology and Google has bigger plans for Wallet later on, but for right now it does not seem to be very practical and worth the money.,2817,2427423,00.asp

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