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HeadsUP! Displays Your Smartphone on Your Car’s Windshield

HeadsUP! Displays Your Smartphone on Your Car’s Windshield [VIDEO].

Distracted driving is a major problem in America, where drivers are constantly being alerted, notified and engaged by their smartphones and other mobile devices. Some states have even banned cell phone use completely while operating a vehicle. However, the people at NeXt may have found a safer way to use your cell phone in the car. HeadsUP! is a visual display that projects commonly used cell phone features like texting, voice calls and e-mail, onto the inside of your car’s windshield. Controlled by voice dictation and touch free swiping, users can interact with the screen without having to look down at their smartphone. Potential backers have been hesitant to support the HeadsUP! display due to concerns that interacting with a heads up display is not better than interacting with a cell phone. Potential backers are also concerned with the legality the HeadsUP! display, especially since one woman received a ticket in San Francisco for wearing Google Glass while driving. The HeadsUP! display is disruptive technology as it aims to replace our smartphones, at least while we’re inside our cars. The successful implementation of a HeadsUP! display unit would almost totally replace the common tasks that drivers use their phones for. It adds to the field of mobile technology by being one of the first to try bring heads up displays to the every day consumer. It will also serve as an example for others looking to enter the field as there are many questions and concerns with the idea of heads up displays in our vehicles. Finally, it adds to the field of mobile technology because of the $299 that NeXt is asking backers to pay. If successful, there is a possibility for the cost of this mobile technology to affect the prices of vehicles and the price of insurance as insurance companies are assuredly concerned over the thought of drivers looking anywhere else but the road.

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