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Hogs Basketball Utilizing iPad App For Training

Hogs Basketball Utilizing IPad App For Training –

Mobile technologies assist the student population both in and out of the classroom. This is especially true at the University of Arkansas; the Arkansas basketball program is putting mobile technology to work in hopes that it will translate to wins on the court. SparkMotion is the iPad app that Strength Coach David Deets has been using to help his players identify and correct their mistakes. The ability to instantly show the player what they are doing wrong allows them to make corrections quicker and helps to build the proper muscle memory. When asked about why the app has had such positive effects, Coach Deets believes that the success is due to the way the incorporate it, so that “guys [can] see themselves and they get that visual feedback. It is easier to learn the movement patterns and what they are doing wrong and help correct any imbalances [they] might have.” This demonstrates disruptive technology as it replaces more traditional methods of coaching where feedback would have been slower and more conceptual. With SparkMotion, feedback is instant and is presented visually so the mistakes and adjustments that must be made are easy to comprehend. While this is not a new piece of technology, this is one of the first universities I have personally heard about that is taking advantage of the technology available to them. Finally, it does not have a significant impact on the economic state of mobile technology. While this is not idea for the app developer, it is perfect for the Arkansas basketball program. The relatively low cost of the iPad and the app pales in comparison to other, more expensive training solutions or training programs.

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